A passport is a travel document that’s within the style of a pamphlet with thirty six or sixty pages. There are 3 kinds of passport in India i.e normal / regular passport, diplomatic passport and official passport. The regular passport is issued for a typical man in India who is navy blue in color with the Ashoka Indian emblem placed in the center of the cover

A passport is the main travel document to travel outside India.
Visa could be a granted and sealed within the passport brochure to remain during a foreign country for a amount of time.
International travel details of the passport holder are often found in their passport.
Passport is taken into account to be the identification of citizenship of the passport holder.
Passport can even be used as a residence or identity proof.

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    If you’re associate Republic of Indian passport holder we tend to get the pain of applying for a visa. The annual Henley Passport Index reveals the countries with the foremost powerful travel document within the world. and each year, India doesn’t even manage to create an area in high 50. Applying for a visa comes with heaps of stress, submitting an numberless quantity of documents to prove the aim of your travel, booking flights and hotels, and still undecided whether or not you’ll get your visa on time or not; this typically takes away the thrill once it involves International travel.

    Although Indian passport holders will travel visa-free to many countries and avail visa on arrival facilities, however the list of the countries is incredibly little compared with different countries, for example, Japan, that has visa-free access to a hundred ninety countries.

    Even though the long visa method of procuring visas and also the tedious visa applications is one major challenge, but this hasn’t stopped the Indian passport holders from travelling.

    This post appearance at countries wherever Indian passport holders can get a visa on arrival, e-visa and the way an Indian can score semipermanent UK, Canada, US or Schengen Visa with an Indian passport.

    We are certain if you’re associate Indian passport holder you need to have cursed it again and again once it involves travelling. however don’t be disheartened. The blueness passport permits you to urge a visa on arrival to several countries or visa-free entry. tho’ you’ll not need a visa to go to these countries but you’d be needed to point out some necessary documents,

    A distant hope has not remained for those of those going abroad from Pune. With The Country’s Rapid Economic Development, Many Indians Now Travel Regularly For Commerce, Recreation, Study, Medical Care, And Other Purposes To Other Countries. A new or renovated passport made this possible by simplifying the procedure. Passport is a simple travel paper that everyone who wants to travel abroad requires. There is a need for proof of identity and address so you do not have to apply for a passport or while you are going abroad.

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