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    PAN card is an important document. However, filling up the form in a hurry leaves some errors in the PAN card. Previously you had to go through a big process to correct these mistakes. Now it is very easy to correct mistakes on PAN card. The special thing is that there is no need to go round the government office for this. You can correct the errors on this PAN card online from home.

    Online PAN correction – Many people also insert incorrect PAN card data and scan on-line for PAN correction. This blog is also for you while you are digging for means of fixing PAN card errors. We’ll chat in this blog about how to vote for online PAN correction.

    One of the other requirements required for financial transactions in India is permanent account number or PAN. It is an alphanumeric 10 digit number assigned to a person or a business organization by the department of income tax. When purchasing a mobile phone or investing in mutual funds, a PAN number may be needed. It is also important when you make use of a company loan, open a bank account and pay income tax.

    • Once you bought your PAN number, you can’t modification it
    • However, just in case of some minor errors, adopt the subsequent procedure
    • Obtain one application for correction/addition/deletion in existing PAN number from the PAN card issue centers
    • Fill up the main points as well as the desired date of birth
    • Submit the copies of the following documents in conjunction with the application:

    Proof for date of birth – Certificate issued by Corporation/Municipality or Certificate issued by faculty authorities
    Copy for address proof – driving license/voter id card/AADHAAR card/ Passport
    Copy for identity proof – driving license/voter id card/AADHAAR card/Passport

    Signature wrong
    Signature wrong
    The applicant’s signature is one of the key things for every form. The applicant will be asked to sign two positions across the picture and in the following room. Signing somewhere beyond the two designated positions will lead to a mistake to be corrected.
    Initials Use
    Initials Use
    Most people have their names initials and use them when filling in the application form for the PAN card. Initials are not accepted by the Department of Income Tax. Instead of letters, it is recommended to use full names.
    Blue Ink signature
    Blue Ink signature
    In black ink the majority of government identification forms are needed. However, not many will stick to it and sign it with blue ink. In order to prevent delays in obtaining the PAN passport, it is important to adhere to the rules and sign in black only.
    Copies with pictures screened
    Copies with pictures screened
    Similar to any other type, two passport images must also be added to PAN card applications. Often times, people prefer to copy their images with scans, which is an accident. Photographs that are scanned are not clear and can make it difficult to identify the applicant. Therefore, the form should attach only the original photos.

    How is pan card correction working online?

    • All the correctional fear that once you find that the procedure can be completed electronically with just a few steps you can take a backseat.
    • We specified in the application the method of PAN information correction/updating:
      Select ‘Changes or adjustment in the current PAN card’ and click on ‘Application form.’
    • After you complete all the info, your correction request will be emailed to you on your registered e-mail ID with a token number that is produced.
    • At the top of the list, you will have to search for the alternative “Submit scanned images via e-sign” and fill out the PAN card information you want.
    • Select ‘Next’ after you have filled out all your info. Documents checking your age, address and name can then be uploaded.
      Until saving new information, ensure that you preview all the updates.
    • You will now have to continue with the invoice. The payment choice are a couple of debit cards, credit cards, net banking and demand draft.
    • The UTIITSL website can also have online PAN card corrections. The method is NSDL-like. You must fill in the details, make the adjustments required and then pay. Then you can get a receipt which can be used as a guideline.
    • You will receive the modified PAN card by post at the specified address.

    How Can I Work Offline Fixing of PAN CARD?

    If you want the improvements to be made offline, you will benefit from the following steps:

    • Download the NSDL or UTIITSL framework form.
    • Complete the form with the information needed.
    • You are to send it to the closest NSDL Collection Center after it has been finished.
    • You may also send a report to the Officer for Competence Appraisal.
    • You can obtain a receipt from the department after you send the form, which you must submit to the NSDL office within 15 days of filing the document.