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    Documentaries are required for pan card?

    This card is provided by the Indian Income Tax Division. There is a collection of documents which are sent to department for identification purpose, here is a list of those documents are :

    Address Proof- Electricity bill/ Landline telephone bill/ Broadband connection bill/ Bank account statement/ Credit card statement/ Post office passbook, Passport/ Voter ID card with photograph/ Order for property tax assessment/ Driving license/ Domicile certificate issued by government Date of Birth Proof- Birth certificate/ Pension payment order/ Marriage certificate / Matriculation certificate/ Passport/ Driving license/ Domicile certificate issued by the central or state government

    Copy of Registration Certificate issued by the Registrar of Companies Copy of Registration Certificate issued in India or copy of approval granted to set up company in India by Indian authorities Copy of certificate of registration issued by the Registrar of Firms or copy of Partnership Deed

    Registration Certificate issued by the Registrar of Limited Liability Partnerships or; Partnership Deed

    Deed of Trust Certificate of Registration Number issued by Charity Commissioner

    Company- Copy of Registration Certificate issued by the Registrar of Companies. Limited Liability Partnership- copy of Registration Certificate issued by the Registrar of LLCs. Association of Person, Body of Individuals, Local Authority, or Artificial Juridical Person- Copy of Registration Number Certificate or the Agreement Copy issued by registrar of cooperative society, charity commissioner, or any other legitimate authority. Documents which originate from any State or Central Government department and clearly mentions the identity and address of the individual. Partnership Firm- Copy of Registration Certificate issued by the Registrar of Firms or copy of partnership deed.

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    If full date of birth is not shown / present on Aadhar card then you need to submit some other documents
    Such As
    Birth Certificate
    Voting Card
    10th/12th Passing Certificate

    Details for Individuals, as shown in image on top of are as above:

    Date of Birth
    Father’s Name
    Photograph and
    Signature of PAN holder

    Quoting the PAN card is mandatory once filing taxation returns, write-down at source, or the other communication with the taxation Department. PAN is additionally steady changing into a compulsory document for gap a replacement bank account, a new line phone / a transportable SIM card, purchase of foreign currency, bank deposits on top of Rs. 50,000, purchase and sale of stabile properties, vehicles etc.

    Short answer Anybody who files taxation returns i.e

    Anybody who earns a nonexempt financial gain in India, together with foreign nationals who pay taxes in India.
    Anybody who runs a business (be it retail, services or consultancy) that had total sales, turnover or gross receipt surpassing Rs five lakh within the previous monetary year. From 5 Dec 2018, the taxation department has made PAN card obligatory for all entities doing transactions value a minimum of 2.5 lakh in an exceedingly financial year.

    A typical permanent account number would look like AFZPK7190K .. The logic behind the matrix of numbers and alphabets is as follows:

    The first three characters, ie “AFZ” in the PAN above, are alphabetic strings from AAA to ZZZ.
    The fourth character, ie “P” in the above PAN card, represents the status of the PAN card holder.

    “P” stands for Individual.
    “F” means firm.
    “C” stands for Company.
    “H” stands for HUF.
    “A” stands for AOP.
    “T” stands for CONFIDENCE, etc.

    The fifth character, ie “K” in the above PAN card represents the first character of the surname / surname of the PAN card holder.
    The next four characters, that is “7190” in the PAN card above, are sequential numbers ranging from 0001 to 9999.
    The last character, ie “K” in the PAN card above is an alphabetic check digit.

    Filing IT returns:

    All individuals and entities that are eligible for income tax are expected to file  IT returns. A PAN card is required for filing IT returns and is the main reason people and other entities request it.

    Opening a bank account

    A PAN card is required to open a new bank account, be it a savings account or a checking account. All banks, whether public, private or cooperative, require the presentation of a PAN card in order to open an account with them.

    Buying or selling a motor vehicle

    If you want to buy or sell a motor vehicle worth more than Rs. 5, 00,000, you must provide your PAN card details when making the transaction.

    Apply for a credit or debit card

    When you apply for a debit or credit card at any bank or financial institution, the provision of your PAN card details is mandatory by regulation. The bank will not issue the card if this criterion is not met.

    Jewelry Buying

    If you are thinking of buying any type of jewelry that is valued at more than Rs. 5, 00,000, you will need to provide your PAN card details at the time of purchase.

    Making investments

    Investing in securities is considered a good way to build wealth. If you are considering investing in securities, you would have to provide your PAN card details for any transaction amounting to Rs. 50,000. This extends to stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and debentures.

    Proof of identity

    A PAN card is accepted as proof of identity valid anywhere in the country, and it is also considered as proof of age. It can also be used as proof of identity when applying for a passport, voter identification card, driver’s license, electrical connection, etc.

    Currency Exchange

    If you are traveling abroad and want to convert your Indian currency into foreign currency, you need to provide your PAN details at the currency exchange office / bank / institution where you are converting the money.


    Buying, selling or renting a property in India now requires a PAN card proof. In the case of the purchase of a property, the PAN card details of the buyer and the seller must appear in the deed of sale and any other similar documentation for the sale to be complete.


    If you need to obtain a loan, all loan providers, both banks and other lenders, require that you present your PAN card details at the time of loan application. All loans, from education loans to personal loans, require PAN card details for the ab loan.pass.

    Fixed deposits

    If you plan to invest your money in a fixed deposit (FD) amounting to Rs. 50,000 in a bank, you will need to provide your PAN  card details. This is done as the bank will deduct TDS (tax deductible at source) on the interest amount of FD.

    Cash Deposits

    If you make a cash deposit amounting to more than Rs. 50,000 at a time, you will also have to submit your PAN card data. This is in line with the RBI’s mandate, which directs banks to report large cash deposits to the RBI, as a way to prevent money laundering.

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    The PAN identification system is a computer system that provides any Indian tax paid individual with a unique identification number. This approach allows an individual to gather all tax-related information against a single PAN number, which is the primary key to preserving information. This is shared around the world and so there should be no two PANs on tax payers.
    If a PAN is issued, the PAN Card is also issued by the Department of Revenue Tax. PAN is a physical card with the PAN as well as the name, date of birth (DoB), and pictures while the PAN number is a number. As proof of identity or DoB, copies of the card can be presented.

    Your PAN Card is valid for life and no change of address can alter it.