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Driving license is one of the most critical documents a car owner would carry on Indian roads as he blows his vehicle. It is mandatory for an automobile owner to have a legitimate DL in order to drive his car in the country under the 1988 Motor vehicle Act. According to the 1988 MVA, no person in India can drive his vehicle without a license in India. Any state’s transport department follows the rules and regulations laid down in the MVA Law which has been established by the Regional Transport Office. Each state and town is governed by an RTO office which complies with the 1988 Motor Vehicle Act.One of the essential roles of the RTO Department is the issuing of driving licenses. Pune’s RTO department also has the duty to issue a driving license and associated facilities. If you want to apply in Pune for a driving license, here’s what you need to know.


In Pune, on the basis of the requirements mentioned below, a driving license is issued to an individual:

  • A valid student’s license should be held by a person applying for driving licenses in Pune.
  • A individual who is 16 years old is eligible to apply for a motorcycle with an engine capacity of no more than 50cc.
  • A person who is up to 18 years of age may apply for a light motor vehicle DL
  • A person who reaches an age of 20 can qualify for a heavy motor vehicle DL.
  • Within 30 days or 180 days from the date of issuance of student’s licenses, you can apply for a permanent DL.


  • 3 new photos of passport size
  • Application Form number 4
  • Proof records of age and address such as Aadhar passport, card of birth, bill of utility, etc.
  • License available for students
  • Commercial vehicle application form 5
  • Driver refresh permit, if commercial vehicle application

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